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Why Cigars Are The New Smoking Trend!
Why Cigars Are The New Smoking Trend!

Why Cigars Are The New Smoking Trend!

by Alex Hardy*


Tobacco is coming back to claim its place in the entertainment industry. Many smokers in the United States are starting to choose cigars over cigarettes. If we were in the 50’s, this would have been old news. But this trend is coming back in the days of technology and evolution.

Most smokers think that cigarette companies do not provide a good selection of smoking options. You just go with the regular pack and you cannot wish for something new. Yet, when it comes to cigars, you have a whole variety of choices. You can pick any manufacturer you like. There are many manufacturers that choose different plants from various origins for their cigars. You just need to try some out and pick your favorite as your long-term smoking option.

When it comes to the traditional aspect of cigars, you have a long history of cigar smokers. Cigars are viewed as more sophisticated than cigarettes; remember Freud’s picture with a cigar? Many smokers in the United States are beginning to forsake the easy pack of cigarettes for the sophisticated looks of the cigar smoker... A fashionista!!


Experts in smoking think that buying cigars or tobacco is way better than smoking packed cigarettes. They say that the plant always seems fresh when smoking cigars; and the taste of the smoke itself is really different and luxurious. You also have another option: which is buying tobacco and rolling the cigarettes yourself. Smokers who roll their own cigarettes believe that they can actually see what’s inside their smokes, and not just have some company fill-in the cigarettes with suspicious ingredients.

If you have not tried tobacco or cigars yet, you really should give it a try. We believe that you will never go back to the regular ones you used to smoke.

* Alex Hardy is a freelance writer from New Jersey. He’s extremely passionate about writing, and writes creative works for his own pleasure, as well as he enjoys reading interesting books.

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