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Do Hot Flashes Drive You Crazy?
Do Hot Flashes Drive You Crazy?

Do Hot Flashes Drive You Crazy?

Did you know that almost 75% of women experience hot flashes and night sweats during perimenopause and menopause? It's one of the most upsetting symptoms linked to the changes on hormonal levels.

Usually, a hot flash can last from one to five minutes, specialists say. The hardest condition for women during menopause is that they never know when hot flashes will happen and how many times in a week or even in a single day, they may occur.

It seems there's a link between the intensity of hot flashes and overweight or obesity. So some obese women use to experience severe hot flashes even up to 10-20 times a day.

A healthy, nutritional diet and exercise can help to reduce hot flashes. However, when discipline is not enough, women have now some safe and cheap alternatives to hormonal treatment for menopause, which reduces hot flashes symptoms, but may increase the risk of breast cancer, heart disease, blood clots and stroke.

One of these new options is Amberen®, an ammonium succinate-based formula, which naturally restores hormonal balance. The product, developed by Lunada Biomedical, a company based in California, has been clinically tested as an effective menopause relief.

This product is more than a nutritional supplement. It does not deliver hormones to the body. Instead, it helps the organs to resume natural hormone production. Thus, menopause symptoms stop, including weight issues.


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