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The Valentine’s Favorite Gifts for 2016
The Valentine’s Favorite Gifts for 2016

The Valentine’s Favorite Gifts for 2016

by Alex Hardy*

It is 2016 and this time comes yet another Valentine’s Day. Shopping in America went out to the streets to ask a few people on what they wish to get from their significant others in 2016. Check out what men and women in some cities of the US wish to get on Valentine’s Day. Take notice that the classic gifts are not old-fashioned.

What The Men Wish for Valentine's in 2016?
What Women Long for Valentine's in 2016?

Girls! Do not discard a well written, fancy poem for your man on Valentine's Day. They also love poems... But, did you know married men are more into the idea of having any kind of apparel as a gift?

Yes! Married men want suits, meanwhile single men may prefer a shirt, a tie or tickets for their favorite show.

If you want to make him feel a dandy, buy this nice 2 button suit made from premium Super 150s wool-feel fabric, and designed with a classic cut. Every man should at least own a few two button suits and this is perfect to round out your man's wardrobe. It's handcrafted with precision details like classic lapels, fully lined, side vents, flap front pockets, and flat front trouser pants. It's available in a variety of colors and styles. The price: US$109.

Definitively, women love diamonds, an amazing gold necklace or any other astonishing jewelry piece. What a deal!, isn't it guys?

Well, chocolates and flowers are not unfashionable. It's a great Valentine's Day dream for women, if it's accompanied of an elegant, romantic night-out with their loved one.

By the way, married women would enjoy to have a special dress for a Valentine's Day dinner with their husbands. In exchange, they are ready to gift them a certain edition of a favorite book, or an old release of some musical album... Some of them have plans to take celebration in bed. So, have scented candles, perfumes and sexy clothing at hand.

Hey gals! Show your men that you're very interested in his soccer games. Be original. Buy him tickets for his favorite match in Madrid. He can't go alone. So, both of you will enjoy a second honeymoon.

* Alex Hardy is a freelance writer from New Jersey. He’s extremely passionate about writing, and writes creative works for his own pleasure, as well as he enjoys reading interesting books.

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