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My Wedding on Easter? Yes!
My Wedding on Easter? Yes!

My Wedding on Easter? Yes!

by Alex Hardy*

In recent years, many couples in the United Kingdom and other European countries began a brand-new fashion that may become a global tradition to have their weddings on Easter.

The fresh trending is becoming very popular in the United States because the Easter day coincides with the first full moon of spring in the Northern hemisphere, which has been considered in different ancient rural cultures an auspicious time for sowing to have abundant crops as well as to improve cattle's fertility. This belief was transferred to the human life, and up to date is a good opportunity to have a great spring wedding.

If you are already planning to have your wedding on Easter, you should definitely go with an appropriate wedding theme. What’s more fun than bunny rabbits and chocolate for your once-in-a-lifetime wedding?

Easter Wedding Decoration

Well, don’t think this is going to be an ordinary wedding; it is way more fun than that. You can have colored eggs in the shape of an elegant wreath. As Easter is all about colors, you can also hang colored lanterns and honeycomb decorations to brighten the view of your wedding place. You may pick the colors of your cup-holders and napkins to match the hue of the rest of the decorations.

Are you looking for an original idea? Check out this imaginative DIY Kate Aspen's "Nestling." Just imagine for a moment what you might do with it for your Easter wedding. Awesome, right?

Review details and price about this cute and uniquely versatile wedding favor at the supplier's website. It's sold in sets of 12 that can be personalized.


Food Ideas for your Wedding

When it comes to food, you can go as creative as you can. An Easter-themed wedding can give you the opportunity to present many shapes and colors of desserts in your ceremony. Why go with a regular white wedding cake? You can have different color for each layer, and on the top you can have two cartoon eggs as bride and groom. Go crazy! It’s a day to remember.

Fill your baskets with these great Easter Egg Shaped Swirl Pops by Century Novelty

Fill your Easter baskets with fun favors and give-a-ways. Give your guests an Easter basket stuffed with special treats and toys for everyone. Easter candy, favors, and toys- we have everything you need to fill your Easter baskets this Easter.

Easter Wedding Clothing

As the whole theme of your wedding holds many heart-warming colors, you can pick the dresses to match the upbeat nature of your ceremony. The bridesmaids can choose from a wide variety of dresses online specifically designed for Easter weddings. You can also buy light straps that can decorate the clothing of your guests, and make them blend-in the overall delightful atmosphere of the ceremony.

* Alex Hardy is a freelance writer from New Jersey. He’s extremely passionate about writing, and writes creative works for his own pleasure, as well as he enjoys reading interesting books.

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