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Eco-Fashion: The 2021 Trend
Eco-Fashion: The 2021 Trend

Eco-Fashion: The 2021 Trend

By Jeanette Hernandez

More fashion companies are turning to sustainability. One of them is KoolAndKonscious Platform - The Best Sustainable And Ethical Brands In One Place, committed to find and distribute clothing, accessories, and jewelry produced in the least harmful way and made from resource-friendly materials, from eco-friendly dyes and biodegradable fabrics to recyclable packaging.

Kool and Konscious Ecofriendly Fashion

Founded in Hong Kong in 2019, Kool and Konscious has become a fast-expanding fashion online marketplace worldwide. Its brands are involved in low-waste production practices and up-cycling items.

Kool and Konscious claim their partnership with ImpaktID, a global project which measures fashion industry's environmental footprint, is a guarantee of a long-lasting change to the way we're producing and consuming fashion.

This company manages all kind of clothing styles for men and women. It is possible to find a luxurious handmade linen dress for a special event as well as gorgeous repurposed denim jeans for the office.

This Winter 2020, you can buy from Kool and Konscious' great Holiday gifts under U$50 made of organic textiles and recycled metals while you help our planet to take a breath from devastating industries.

Buying from Kool and Konscious will also help Wings of Love, Inc. — our sponsor — to raise funds for nonprofit activities committed to improve our world.


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